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Daniel A. Michael
Artist Statement

There is more to life than that which we see in the presence of our everyday reality. There are other 'realities' we experience from time to time in subtle ways: sixth sense feelings, emotionally charged beauty, the frenzy of a crowd. These all contribute to our understanding of life and influence our actions every day. These are the urges of the poet, composer and artist as we struggle to capture and convey what can neither be said nor seen directly.

The stone is a catalyst and sounding board that resonates a dialogue beginning as a hammer swings or a diamond blade contacts the existent and creates the new. The shapes evolve, awareness shifts and recognition is again available to insight. Then perhaps the form moves on to another level of unknowing.

Sculpture then can be a compendium of where we have been on life's journey. It can also point the way, unknowing of the future, a path to trod or just to look upon.